Plenty THAT Bish

It's my brand

She has always been used to being inside. Creating things only a select few see. It’s been okay. However, now I feel like given my experience in life. I can help people see past this. I want to keep a virtual rave community adjacent to the one that goes places.

One is NOT better than, One is more accessible to anyone or everyone truly. I never have to call my laptop to see if my wheelchair can pull up. There’s never the sick feeling if I push.

I can book a stream 4 weekends a month if I want. or two so I can go two shows that aren’t mine. I’d like that energy those options open not because the world is bleak.

All the time.

I’m going to build this newsletter, and it’s audio podcast around building a homebase of sorts. I’m aware, it’ll take time. nothing is an over night thing.

However I appreciate the wait.

[fiction will be downloaded next issue]

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